Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Happy Ninth Birthday, Blue Belle!

Today Blue Belle turns nine years old.

We visited one of my favourite fields to photograph her in - the background looks nice from all angles. Blue Belle likes this field for a different reason...

She only looked up as thunder rumbled in the distance.

It feels like I've spent the last year taking pictures of a pony eating!

The thunder rumbles again. I was really praying that the rain didn't come on while we were out there.

Blue Belle enjoyed her time in the big field.

Happy birthday to my special little pony. Love you lots.


  1. Happy birthday, Blue Belle! She is so beautiful.

  2. I will to receive for instance in regards to this excursions of one individuals, three most dogs, a person horse and most lamb for a park while in the amazing North Irish country. Delighted wedding, Violet Belle! The girl with and so wonderful.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Blue Belle, you are beautiful. Mommy wishes she could reach through the computer screen and pet you.