Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Monday morning. I wake up, confident that the weather lady got it right this time round. Heavy snowfall on the coastal areas of Co. Down, Northern Ireland. And that’s us! I walked into the kitchen, turned on the outside light and looked. A beaming smile appeared on my face – there were at least 4 inches of snow on the ground.

So much snow can only mean one thing – a day off school!

Pip had already seen snow, but not this much.

I can’t seem to find my legs…

I was really pleased with Pip yesterday. She was turning into Ben (in a good way).

She was posing.

It was the same sort of posing that Ben does – standing of sitting somewhere, staring at me until I turned around, took a picture and gave her a treat. She’s clever in that way.

Did you get that last shot?

Ben and I had a job to do on Monday morning – checking the sheep. Ben enjoys this job.

We’re gonna check the sheep – cool!

The snow was very deep (for what we’re used to anyway).

And the ewes had to dig for their breakfast.

Ben was having a blast running around in the deep snow.
Here I come!!!

We could see all around us, and we could tell that there was going to be a lot of chaos. This is a photo of the Mourne Mountains:

Very snowy.

I could tell that the sheep were hungry because whenever I stopped the quad to check them, they stood and stared at us.
Sheep in snow

One, Roy, even came over to us.

Have you got any food?

Poor lamb.

Pip loves the snow.

And so does Ben:

And I do too, come to think of it.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Santa’s Little Helpers

It’s now less than a month until Christmas, so Santa and his helpers must be busy.

One of his helpers is known as Ben the Sprollie.

He’s the best at making a mess in Santa’s workshop.

But one of the little helpers is unsure at what to do. What is Christmas anyways?
Santa's helper

Does it involve food?

This is going to be Pip’s first Christmas, and Ben’s first Christmas with us. I wonder what December will bring..?

Food. It’s gotta be food.


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pip’s First Snow

It has arrived! Snow was predicted for this weekend and it arrived this morning. I will admit it’s not much, but hey – it’s still snow!

Psst. Mum. What’s this white stuff?

It’s cold on my tail. Brrrrr…


Pip adored the snow, even though it was just a light dusting.

I managed to find a nice chew for Pip, and we headed to the garden.
Snow 2010 (48)

Don’t run off, Mr. Chew!
Snow 2010 (47)

He’s so chewy! *Nom, nom, nom…*
Snow 2010 (52)

This is yummy!Snow 2010 (54)

Bet ya can’t catch me, Mr. Chew!Snow 2010 (56)

Zoom, zoom!
Snow 2010 (50)

Huh? Where’d he go? Can you see him?
Snow 2010 (57)

I’m sure I left Mr. Chew around here somewhere…

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Little Pip’s Big Adventure

I’ve been very short on time lately, what with leaving home for school in the dark and arriving home in the dark, so I can’t take any photos until the weekend. Last Sunday, I tought Little Pip how to sit in a wheelbarrow.

Yeah. Fun.

Pip was very well-behaved though. She sat well for the treats.

Can I have treat?

I’ve found that Pip learns things much faster than Ben did. He didn’t know sit at Pip’s age, never mind stay.

I’m so proud of my Little Pip!

We soon left the wheelbarrow behind and went for a walk around the house instead. It was there that I noticed how big and lanky Little Pip’s getting.

Yeah. Well… I am pretty huge...

Then my Dad came into the yard on the quad, and I asked if me and Pip could come for the ride. Pip wasn’t at all scared of the quad (which is very impressive for such a young pup) and she was very confident. She still had to be held though, just to on the safe side.

Pip now is in love with the quad. She enjoyed staring at the sheep, feeling the wind blowing along her massive ears and all of the attention she was getting. And when it was over, she wanted to go back.

Did you see that? I just had my first ride on the quad!

Well done, Little Pip! That was quite an adventure!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

House of Jacks

Last Sunday, I visited a friend who has four Jack Russells under one roof. There’s Honey, the fluffiest one.

This is Poppy, the smallest one.

This is Stan, the grumpiest one.

And finally, this is Ollie, the oddest one.

We took them all outside and into the garden one-by-one. First up, was Honey.

She knew how to pose.

Next up was Ollie.

He was another real poser.

He reminded me of Ben a little.

Next up was Stan. He has a problem with cameras, because for some reason, he puts his ears flat against his head when he sees one. Treats and a few weird noises soon put that right, as you can see.

That photo made me happy.

Last, but not least, was Poppy. She had no trouble sitting and lookin’ good.

Except, she soon got bored and wandered off.
She's outta here!

Because of the lack of dog, I decided to take some photos of something else – meet the family Guinea pigs, T.C.
T. C.

and Dibble.

These “tasty” morsels rekindled Poppy’s interest.


Soon, the whole pack was in on it.

Food? Is that food? Does it have legs? Food? Food? Is it? Is it? Can we have some?
House of Jacks