Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Early Risers

One Sunday morning I accomplished something that was nigh on impossible - I rose from my warm, comfy bed before 7AM. The reason? I was hoping for a frost (didn't really get one) and a clear morning for a stunning sunrise. Pip and I jumped into the Land Rover, arrived at the field for 7:30. I sat in in my garden chair and waited for the sun to rise. And waited, and waited...

The mountains in front of me were beautifully lit by the sun and I couldn't figure out why the sun wasn't lighting the field I was in. That is, until I realized it was the trees surrounding the field that were the problem. The sun was so low, the trees were casting shadows across the entire field! Don't panic. Half an hour of sunrise lost. Move on. (I blame the early hour for my befuddlement!)

So I shoved the garden chair into the boot and hopped back into the Land Rover, driving to another field that had just a hedge rather than a forest for the sun to shine through. A lesson learned for next time.

Instead of the planned photos of the young ewes and new rams, I present to you some photos of the older ewes - and don't they look lovely?

You've got a little something... just there...

Brian the Kerry Hill ram keeping an eye on his ladies.

On the way home I stopped off and got Pip a sausage and myself a nice, warm sausage roll. Lovely.

Even with that dodgy start, it was a wonderful way to spend a quiet Sunday morning.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Perfect Evening

There are times when I walk out with my camera and return frustrated because I think I haven't gotten any good shots at all (when I check later I can usually find two or three that are salvageable). And then there are times that the magic happens and I return with so many photos I like that I feel on top of the world. Such is photography!

This was one of those perfect evenings with a stunning sunset and some lambs who seemed to be in the mood to be photographed.

It had been raining heavily all day so everyone was soaking wet.

Lovely Margo.


With Suckie and Nobby nowhere in sight, I walked up the hill with the four ladies.

Some wonderful lens flares.

To the top of the hill we travelled.


Margo always thinks she is best admired from a distance.

Pip was with us too, and returned from sniffing around bushes to say hello to Honey.

Rosie can make even weeds look glamourous.

Honey doing some posing.


And just like that the sun was gone.

As the four girls wandered off, Nobby spotted me and came over.

In those final months, he'd get this look in his eye - yes, that one - and I knew I could be in for trouble.

So I got out of there.

Nobby didn't understand why I was leaving when, according to him, I'd only just arrived.

Unknown to me, this would be Nobby's last Sunday evening with us. In reaction to the obvious danger Nobby was placing me in, I called the vet the following day and found out that there was nothing that could be done for him. On Tuesday he was off to the saleyard.

The perfect evening with my lambs.

Friday, 14 October 2016

One Foggy Morning

I love foggy mornings. I love them. I wish they would last all day so I could have a chance to enjoy them properly. Until that happens, however, I just have to make do with dashing outside wielding a camera and pointing it at anything I can.

Foggy mornings always seem to occur when I have absolutely no time at all to spend taking photos. On this particular morning a mini digger was parked in the yard, waiting for a man to come and dig holes to lay water pipes in.

I took many photos of Jess and Pip. This is the only half decent one. Oh, Pip, the camera isn't going to eat you. Honestly.

She looked more interested when the quad drove past.

Jess on the garden wall, a classic place to take photos.

At a distance Blue Belle blended into the fog.

Foggy mornings make me obsessed with details.

Some soggy pet lambs.

I took these photos back when I still had Nobby.

He was a happy chap, surrounded as he was by his ladies.