Friday, 9 December 2016

Smoke Without Fire

On these dull, cloudy days, I always keep on the lookout for a decent sunset. I had plans to drive down the road to the ewes on this particular evening, but circumstances left me pressed for time and so I had to make do with a flock of ewe lambs. A blessing in disguise, as fog was coming down, making the low sunlight streak through the trees. This, coupled with the chill in the air, created some really nice photography conditions.

I was surprised at how many cobwebs remained on the ground.

This lamb broke one of her back legs some months ago. Now fully healed - a little survivor!

I love sunset colours.

This lamb was very brave.

She came over to see me.

In almost every shot there was some visible breath. Wonderful!

This lamb is sporting the latest in fashion.

Photographer's assistant Sheila:

Nova's lamb.

I drove the quad too close in my enthusiasm and the lambs spooked and ran up the hill.

By the time I joined them again, huddled together, the sun was almost gone.

The clouds over the mountains caught the last of the light.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wordless Wednesday #75 ::: Going Down

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Ice Land

Not quite snow, but good enough for me! I dashed out to photograph Blue Belle first since I hadn't any wintery photographs of her.

After a few minutes, one of the lambs came over to us, running in a manner reminiscent of an elegant horse galloping through snow.

She looked surprised when she reached us that Blue Belle wasn't a sheep.

Of course, where one sheep goes, another follows...

Prudence looked like a wheaten loaf.

I found it amusing that all the Kerry Hill lambs stuck together.

Our little galloping friend seems to be very good at looking surprised.

Blue Belle standing in her favourite place.

One of the horned ram lambs.

Blue Belle looked a bit more lively when the quad drove past.

Miss Prudence:

The sunrise started to peek through the clouds and bathed Blue Belle in a lovely glow.

The lambs on the hill.

The freezing fog was receding from the hills.

The pet lambs are always quick to spot me. As I walked with Jess up the hill to a place suitable for photos, they followed us on the other side of the fence.

No matter what, Suckie always spots me first.

She leaves all the youngsters running to catch up.

Jess on the hill.

When I went to feed the lambs, Margo didn't seem to be in the mood for nuts.

She joined the others just as Jess crept under the gate.

The sunrise caught Millie's eye beautifully.

Bob was copying Prudence's "wheaten loaf" look.

Ducky at the gate.

Little Bob found something to give him some extra height.

Honey at the gate.

Behind you! (Some puppies feeling at little left out.)

And after a freezing morning out taking photos, it was time for a nice warm cup bowl of tea!